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Partnership with Gay Pride and Solidays

Partnership with Gay Pride and Solidays
Bruitparif - 27/06/2011
Bruitparif joined forces for the second year in a row with the Inter-LGBT association in order to prevent hearing risks during the Gay Pride, on Saturday, June 25th, 2011, and began a new partnership with Solidays from June 24th to 26th.
For the Gay Pride, Bruitparif installed 4 sound level displays in real time along the way: Boulevard du Montparnasse, Boulevard Saint-Michel, Boulevard Saint-Germain and Boulevard Henri IV. According to the measured levels, light signals gave prevention messages:

- green signal: acceptable sound level;
- yellow signal, from 85 decibels: it is strongly advised to wear earplugs;
- red signal, beyond 105 decibels: it is urgent to go away from the speakers.

Prevention Spots were connected to these displays. The participants got information and free ear plugs there, in order to enjoy music while preserving their hearing.

The results of these measurements will be available soon on our website.

At the same time, Bruitparif was present for the first time at Solidays. 50,000 ear plug pairs were available to the festival goers for free at the Information Spots, the Forum, the Kids Space and during distributions in the front rows before the concerts.

For both events, the volunteers from France Acouphènes were mobilised to answer any question and direct people, if need be, to an ENT doctor: +33 (0)820 222 213 (€0.09 a minute within France).

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