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Autolib' Paris

Autolib' Paris
Live news - 10/10/2011
Since October 2nd, 2011, the city of Paris has been testing the self-service car rental system Autolib’ (same principle as Velib’ for bicycles) before its official launch on December 1st. This service will be present in the capital and about 50 neighbouring towns, with 250 vehicles for as many stations for a start, and 3000 cars for nearly 6600 charging points in the long term. The vehicles could be rent on site or booked in advance by phone or on the Internet.
The Bolloré Bluecar, a 100% electric car, was selected, which means there is no engine noise and no pollution. It is equipped with a lithium metal polymer battery with a 30 kWh capacity which can cover about 250 km and be recharged in 8 hours. Charging points for private vehicles (cars and two-wheelers) will also be available for a subscription.

As it is a quiet vehicle, the Bluecar is equipped with a “Soft sound” pedestrian warning in addition to the usual horn.

Go to the Autolib’ website (French only)
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